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Jakarta Geography

Geography of Jakarta, the largest city of Indonesia, would tell you that the area is divided into five parts- South Jakarta, Central Jakarta, East Jakarta, West Jakarta, North Jakarta and one administrative city, Thousand Island regency. While East Jakarta extends across 187.73 square kilometers, Thousand Island regency occupies the smallest area of 11.81 square kilometers. 

Jakarta, situated on the Java Island, co-spreads along the metropolitan district of Jakarta Raya. The terrain in the western part of Java is marshy and thus Jakarta enjoys the humid weather of the plain area overlooking the Java Sea. The area of Jakarta can be spotted on 6012' South Latitude and 106048'- East Longitude, which is just six degrees south of the Equator.
As you visit Jakarta, you will notice that it experiences an average rainfall of 1,916.8 to 924.50 millimeter every year. You shouldn’t expect a chilly or a scorch climate because the temperature fluctuates from 22 degree centigrade to 33 degree centigrade. Thus, you will have to experience a hot and sultry climate in this tropical area.