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Chinatown in Jakarta

Glodok still has typical Chinese shop-houses, as well as temples and churches. Nearby is Jakarta’s oldest Chinese temple, built in 1650. This is a good place to head for cheap Chinese dishes and the area also features a few notable tourist attractions: There are two ancient Buddhist Temples – Da Shi Miao at Jalan Kemenangan, and Vihara Dharma Bhakti. The Santa Maria de Fatima Catholic Church is another place worth checking out.

Anyone who is caught in the charms of Jakarta cannot escape the glodok. Glodok in Jakarta typically reflects a Chinese ambience amidst the diverse culture of Jakarta.

Features of Glodok in Jakarta

- Glodok originally referred to an area outside the city walls in Jakarta where the Chinese community restricted themselves to ghettos after the bloody massacre of 1740.
- In present Jakarta, Glodok situated in west Jakarta, offers a distinguished flavor of a typical China Town amidst the heart of the bustling city of Jakarta.
- The Glodok in Jakarta has gradually emerged as one of the most widely popular sight seeing destinations and presently it is one of the most crowded sections of the city.
- The Glodok in Jakarta is full of colorful shops, traditional markets, hawker stalls and temples mark the enclave.
- Apart from the Glodok Market, innumerable shopping destinations contribute in making it one of the most favorite shopping hang out both among the foreign tourists as well as the local residents of Jakarta.
- Glodok in Jakarta consists of bunch of buildings which sell technology products, electronic goods, and hardware and general department-store merchandise products to consumers.
- The greatest attraction in Glodok, Jakarta is that it is not only cheap but it also provides a great variety of products especially electronic goods and Glodok is known as the centre of electronics in Jakarta
- Glodok in Jakarta was the wholesale and retail center of the capital, accounting to almost70 per cent of all financial transactions in Indonesia.
- An innovative and fascinating shopping bridge connects Jalan Hayam Wuruk and Jalan Gajah with Glodok in Jakarta.
- Visitors who are interested to probe into the rich heritage of Jakarta must visit the nearby Vihara Dharma