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Museum Bahari (Maritime Museum)

Jakarta is the dynamic capital city of the Republic of Indonesia. It is the most polluted and the most congested, but if you can withstand this onslaught and afford to indulge in its charms, then it is also one of the region's most exciting metropolises. However, Jakarta popular destinations have always attracted people from far and wide. As the economic and political capital of Indonesia, Jakarta attracts many foreign as well as domestic immigrants.

As a result, Jakarta has a decidedly cosmopolitan flavor and a diverse culture. Jakarta has several museums, such as the Museum Bahari. Traditional music including wayang and gamelan performances is very common here.
Apart from the famous monuments, parks or gardens, the tourists can visit the many museums in Jakarta. One of the famous museums is the Museum Bahari in Jakarta situated across the road from the Jakarta History Museum.

Features of Museum Bahari in Jakarta
  -  The Museum Bahari in Jakarta occupies a sturdy construction completed in 1774. It was used by the Dutch as a warehouse for storing spices and commodities. The historical building of Museum Bahari in Jakarta alone justifies a visit. The features of Museum Bahari in Jakarta include:
  -  The front section is probably the only ancient city wall surrounding Batavia (old Jakarta) still standing today.
  -  Inside, the museum showcases Indonesia's maritime history.
  -  Its modest collection includes traditional Indonesian sea craft and interesting photographs taken on board some steamships between the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  -  It exhibits craft from around Indonesia and has an interesting collection of old photographs recreating the voyage to Jakarta from Europe via Aden, Ceylon and Singapore.
  -  The sentry posts outside are part of the old city wall.
  -  Just before the entrance to the museum is the old watchtower, built in 1839 to sight and direct traffic to the port.

Enjoy the panoramic view from the harbor of Museum Bahari in Jakarta. But opening hours are haphazard. Ask for the caretaker if it is closed.

Address :Jalan Pasar Ikan 1, Jakarta -14440, Indonesia
Contact no.: +62 21 669 3406
Open Hours: 9a.a.-3p.m. Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday, 9a.m.-2:30p.m. Friday, 9a.m.-12:30p.m. Saturday
Neighborhood: North Jakarta