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National Monument

As you land in Jakarta in Indonesia, you won’t have to hunt for tourist attractions. This capital of Indonesia located on the northwestern coast of Java, will enchant you with its natural beauty, relics of Indonesian history, uprising cosmopolitan setting and cultural heritage. Among all other tourist destinations in Jakarta, originally known as Sunda Kelapa, National Monument (Monas) in Jakarta is a famous one.

National Monument (Monas) in Jakarta is located in Lapangan Monas or Merdeka Square in Gambir. This monument was constructed under the directions of President Soekarno in 1961. However, its construction could not be completed before 1975. Built during Soekarno’s era of nationalism, it recollects the nationalist pride of the Indonesian people who fought against the Dutch colonialist regime. Located in central Jakarta, this monument is considered to be one of the most prominent mementoes of Indonesian nationalist spirit. National Monument (Monas) in Jakarta was designed by the architects, Soedarsono and F. Silaban with inputs from Ir. Rooseno. Built across a land of 80 hectar, this monument was inaugurated for common men on July 12, 1975 and was known as Tugu Monas. It was earlier known by several other names like Lapangan Gambir, Lapangan Ikada, Lapangan Merdeka, Lapangan Monas and Taman Monas.