Ragunan Zoo

Jakarta formerly known as Sunda Kelapa is the capital and the largest city of Indonesia located on the North West coast of the island of Java. With its strategic position and diverse culture and traditions, Jakarta is the gateway to other principal attractions in Indonesia. However this Capital city itself is the guardian of a large number of tourist attractions. The island is the home to a varied wildlife and as such a treasure trove to wildlife and nature lovers. Many Wildlife and National Parks have thus been constructed throughout Jakarta for the purpose of viewing the wild animals in their natural habitat.

The Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta came into existence for this purpose. Located in Pasar Minggu in the southern part of Jakarta, the zoo was initially a wildlife reserve set up voluntarily by a group of flora and fauna lovers in 1864. The zoo originally was located at Cikini till 1964. After the zoo premises were shifted to a different location for expansion, it was reopened again in 1966.

Features of Ragunan Zoo:

  -  The zoo records an awesome collection of tropical plants and animals from the land as well as from all over the world. The endangered species consists of Komodo dragon, Sumatran tiger, dwarf buffalo, wild ox and the bird of paradise.

  -  The newly developed Primates center in the zoo is the largest one in the whole of Jakarta. It consists of a rare collection of gorillas, chimpanzees, gibbons and other primate species.

  -  A prime attraction of the zoo is a gigantic Hippo pool and a special enclosure for the crocodiles. The zoo has an amazing collection of 3122 species of animals.

  -  Apart from its wildlife collection, the Zoo features a Children’s playground and added attractions like acrobats of elephants and boat rides. A treat for the visitors of all age are the pony cart rides offered for seeing the Orang Utangs in their day to day life.

  -  A guided tour of the Zoo will take you exploring the artificial caves where you can view the primates through a glass window and gather a lot of useful information about them.

  -  The Canopy Bridge provides an extraordinary view of the whole Zoo.

  -  The lush surroundings of the Zoo make it a favorable spot for picnic on holidays. So it remains excessively crowded on Sundays. The Zoo premises also have some eating joints and souvenir shops. Feeding the animals however is strictly forbidden.

The Ragunan Zoo is a wonderful example for the preservation and propagation of the diverse Indonesian wildlife. The Zoo authorities intend to free around 60% of the animals into the wild after proper care and training.

Address- 1 Jalan Harsono R.M, Jakarta-12550, Indonesia

Contact Number- +62 21 7820015

Timings- 7:00 A.M to 5 P.M, Monday to Sunday