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Sunda Kelapa Harbor

Jakarta has been traditional and modern; rich and poor and spiritual and worldly. It is seldom treated as a centre for tourism other than the old part of the city which is a definite ‘must visit’ if visiting the area. Jakarta popular destinations have always attracted people from far and wide. Sunda Kelapa Harbor in Jakarta is one of worth visitng destinations.

Features of Sunda Kelapa Harbor in Jakarta

The picturesque Sunda Kelapa Harbor in Jakarta was built in the early 17th century (reconstructed and expanded in 1817). It was formerly the harbor town of Sunda Kelapa where the Portuguese traded with the Hindu Kingdom of Pajajaran in the early 16th century. It is better known as Pasar Ikan (meaning fish market). The Sunda Kelapa Harbor in Jakarta is located at the mouth of the Ciliwung River.

Dutch domination of Jakarta and the rest of Indonesia began from this area, whereas the remnants of Kasteel Batavia, an old fort and trading post of the Dutch East Indies Company can still be seen now. Sunda Kelapa Harbor in Jakarta is at present a fisherman's wharf and an inter-island port. Today, it still serves as the port of call for perahu pinisi (sailing cargo vessels).The vessels at Sunda Kelapa Harbor in Jakarta are navigated primarily by Bugis and Makassarese traders. These charming and colorful vessels form one of the world's few major commercial sailing fleets. They transport raw materials from Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Tall masted Bugis schooners from South Sulawesi anchoring at Sunda Kelapa Harbor in Jakarta offer a picturesque scene. They belong to one of the last-fleets of sail boats in the world and still ply the seas between the islands, as they did centuries ago, carrying merchandise. The street leading to the Sunda Kelapa Harbor in Jakarta is lined with shops selling all sorts of shells, dehydrated turtles, lobsters and mostly everything the seafarer might need.

Come and watch the amazing strength of the sailors and workers who load and unload goods manually at Sunda Kelapa Harbor in Jakarta. A conversation with them sometimes earns an invitation aboard.

Address : Jalan Maritim Raya, Jakarta- 14430.

Neighborhood: North Jakarta

Contact no.: +62 21 691 9101 / +62 21 692 8888