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Destination : Shopping centers ,Shopping mall in Central Jakarta, North Jakarta and South Jakarta.
Need shopping in Jakarta? we provide you with car and tour guide which can be arranged based on your need. Shopping with private car will be much more movable and easy to organize compared to kitch-hike in the situation of of a city like Jakarta. There are plenty of shopping centers or shopping mall in Central Jakarta, North Jakarta and South Jakarta.

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Jakarta is known for it's myriads of shops, malls, super markets, and department stores. Among those huge shopping centers they have small difference as the highlight of their offers. You can find from Indonesian traditional handicrafts, batik clothes, up to modern electronic products. From cheap locally made product of to international brand known goods with expensive prices. To mention a few of them are Sarinah Shopping Center, located at Jalan Thamrin, the center of Jakarta city a large department store dedicated for handicrafts from all over Indonesia at 3rd floor. Pasar Seni Ancol, located at the spectacular recreation park of Jakarta, exhibiting regional handicrafts with making demonstration. Flea Market at jalan Surabaya, offers wood carvings, furniture, brassware, jewellery, batik cloths, antiques yet you must extra bargaining. Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua, located at jalan Manga Dua, there is a huge wholesalers with cheapest clothes, accessories and shoes. Mangga Dua Mall, located at jalan Mangga Dua, offers comlputers and electronics. The surrounding of Mangga Dua Mall is a premises of shipping centers with various products. Blok-M Kebayoran Baru, located at Kebayoran Baru above large bus terminal offers clothes, shoes, music, household equipment, and others. Jakarta as the biggest city in Indonesia with around 7 million residents is a paradise for business. It is not only resident of Jakarta but also temporary residents or expatriates are in a great number in Jakarta. This mixed nationalities and ethnic present in Jakarta is due to the status of the city as the capital city of Indonesia. Here in Jakarta all countries affaires are being handled, with the system of administration of semi centralistic. So Jakarta has become the hub of all Indonesia and regional activities in between countries in Asia. Between 1979 and 1995 a period when the economy of Indonesia looked developing tremendously
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Includes : air-conditioned mini van, tour guide speaks one of these languages : English, German, French, Dutch, and Italian.
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