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Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & Patisserie

Tucked away in Tjideng, Central Jakarta, just a few minutes from the National Museum and the Presidential Palace, Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & Patisserie is a great hideaway for a quiet business lunch, an after-work dinner or a perfect place for a special family gathering. The Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & Patisserie building was built in the early-20th century, in an area that was known as Laan Trivelli and Tjideng Kamp, a historical Batavia neighborhood during Dutch colonial times.

Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & Patisserie serves traditional Indonesian family dishes that were adjusted to the Dutch palate or original Indische family cuisine, all at reasonable prices. Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto is known for the unique dishes which are made with devotion and love by the owner herself, using Huize Trivelli’s family recipes handed down from generation to generation, to ensure originality. Each meal is enjoyed in the homey ambiance surrounded by eclectic antique furnishings which blend the Javanese-European and Chinese cultural traditions of the family. Be sure to try the fresh from the oven Trivelli Insulinde Pastei followed by Trivelli Kerrie Laksa Njonja Molenvliet, one of the many dishes in the mini rijsstafel on the Harmonie menu. And finally, enjoy one of the traditional beverages, Bier Pletok a la Betawi, a drink which is made from sweet-smelling pandan leaves, cinnamon and cloves, and spiced up with ginger that warms your body. If you are bored with the modern, funky eateries, then drop by Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & Patisserie where you will feel at home with its homey ambiance, mouthwatering food, and reasonable prices.
  • Address:  Jalan Tanah Abang Dua 108, Gambir, Jakarta, 10150
  • Phone: +62 21 386 5803/+62 21 351 0467
  • Fax: +62 21 386 5803
  • Web: http://www.huize-trivelli.com/
  • Nearest Station: Tanah Abang, Stasiun