Antiques shopping

Jakarta is a great place to pick up antiques. Jakarta’s antiques scene attracts many visitors, for both its variety and reasonable pricing. Furniture, jewellry and home furnishings are just some of the items people come in search of in Jakarta. Regardless of whether you are an antiques enthusiast or not, wandering from one shop to the next can be quite pleasant, just for observational purposes. Be forewarned that not all the 'antiques' you see will be authentic, keep in mind that Indonesians like many other people in Asia, are a dab hand at replicating things. Expect to be greeted with the token sales pitch: ''You buy! I give good price for you!''

Jl. Ciputat Raya
The West of Java is home to Jakarta’s Antique Strip; a part of the city that boomed during the 1980’s and established itself as something of an antiques hub in Asia. The street divides Tangerang and South Jakarta, and is usually frequented for its antiques and teakwood furniture. Even if you are not in search of a specific item this is still a vibrant area and can be enjoyed without putting your hand in your pocket.
Address: Jl.Ciputat Raya - Pondok Pinang

Surabaya Street
President Clinton is said to have bought a bronze frog on this ‘Street of Dreams’. Situated in Central Jakarta, the half-mile strip is cluttered with cubby holes and is the place to head if you are in search for tribal masks, silver cigarette cases, worry beads, grandfather clocks, ivory miniatures, sextants, samurai swords, xylophones and even telephone switchboards. As you would expect, merely visiting the street is an experience in itself. Essentially it is Indonesia’s best and biggest Flea Market.
Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00
Address: Surabaya Street, Central Jakarta

Gallery Fifty-Nine
Address: Jalan Ciputat Raya No.22, Jakarta Selatan, 15412
Contact: +62 21 749 2572