Batiks shopping

Batik, one of the country's most highly developed art forms and indeed its national art, is beautifully handcrafted textile work. The painstaking labour that goes into batik is testament to the patience and creativity of the Indonesian women, who excel at this art form. Many experience a sensual overload on their first visit to a batik store or factory due to the many colours, patterns and the actual smell of batik.

The word batik derives from the word 'ambatik' which translates as 'a cloth with little dots'. Largely associated with Indonesia although other Southeast Asian countries and parts of Africa produce it, common motifs include flowers, plants, leaves buds, flowers, birds, butterflies, fish, insects and geometric forms rich in symbolic association and variety. There are about three thousand recorded batik patterns.

Batik Keris

Batik Keris has a large showroom at Jalan Cokroaminoto in Menteng and a shop in Plaza Indonesia. A small chain of stores which sell, amongst other things, batik.
Contact: + 62 392 2616

Batik Semar

Batik Semar is one of Indonesia's most accomplished manufacturers of batik, established in 1947. These exquisite pieces are some of the best on the market. They have stores in Plaza Indonesia, Blok M Plaza and the International Airport.
Contact: +62 271 - 722937, 710976

Iwan Tirta

Iwan Tirta produces exclusive Batik Tulis (Hand-Painted Batik) and can proudly claim to be one of Jakarta’s most famous and popular batik designers. Situated on the first floor of Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta Selatan and Menteng.
Contact: +62 21 722 1337