Electronics shopping

Asia is a great place to pick up the latest in technology at discount prices. Consumer electronic goods are everywhere, whether it's video recorders, mobile phones or sound systems you are after. A wide range of computers and audiovisual equipment is for sale in Jakarta, best bought in Glodok- (Chinatown) or the Managa Dua Mall, which guarantees its goods.

Glodok Plaza (Chinatown)

After the bloody massacre of 1740, the Chinese community was confined to ghettos in an area outside the city walls now known as Glodok. Glodok Plaza is a cluster of indoor markets selling various technical goods and it's best described as a technology bazaar.

Consumer electronics are one of the best sellers anywhere in the world, and Jakarta is no exception. The best place to purchase electronics gadgets is in Glodok Plaza or the Chinatown. This Plaza has clusters of electronic stores that sell the hottest electronics gadgets at lower prices. You can find a wide array of laptops, computers, digital cameras, cell phones and more. Glodok Plaza is also known as the Managa Dua Mall and is commonly described as the Technology Bazaar.  

Address: Jl. Pinangsia Raya