Pasars (Markets)

Pasar is Indonesian for 'market' and Jakarta has a good few of them. At your traditional pasar you will witness traditional bargaining, hard selling and the general horse trading that comprises a typical Indonesian market. It's all a fascinating experience that offers a true insight into Indonesian culture, in the way only markets can do. Jakarta’s markets feature plenty of interesting relics, fabrics and cultural delights that are unique to the country and telling of its cultural heritage. Hot and sweaty, yes – be sure to wear light, loose-fitting clothes and have bottled water at hand.

Patience will also serve you well, as many vendors are under the impression that badgering you is the best way of talking you into buying their products.

Pasar Cikini

This is the place to head for knick-knacks, daily necessities, flowers, clothes and fashion accessories. The area is regarded as one of the most exotic spots to purchase Indonesian gold jewelry; bangles, rings, necklaces and pendants and other gold crafts. Immortalised in song, this market has the most extensive variety of goods in Central Jakarta.
Address: Cikini Traditional Market), Jalan Cikini Raya Cikini, Jakarta 10330
Contact: +62 21 314 2084

Pasar Tanah Abang
Spread out over 19 floors, this wholesale market is vast in both size and content. A whole raft of goods can be bought in bulk, including men's and women's fashions, accessories, furniture, handicrafts and food. Not the most attractive of places, Pasar Tanah Abang is worth visiting if you have things specifically in mind that you want to buy. Expect crowds and a lot of noise; essentially a heady trading environment.

Pasar Mayestik
Renowned for offering alternatives to conventional foodstuffs and outfits, this is the sort of place where production and distribution occur at the same place, something of a rarity in modern society. A fantastic place to pick up quality fabrics, we strongly recommend getting something made to measure that will be unique only to you. Another interesting feature is the buying produce for your own cookies. Yes that’s right, visitors can indulge in some culinary wizardry and pick up unusual molding trays, recipe and ingredients from the pasar, and you can even sample one before deciding which type to make. Delicious.

: Pasar Mayestik, Kyai Maja Street, Gunung Village, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta City 12120