Bus in Jakarta

Buses are the primary means of public transportation in Jakarta. The PATAS buses provide a comfortable ride with air conditioning facility. These buses are less crowded creating high probabilities for you to get a seat. The DAMRI buses are more common and regular and more people avail these buses. Construction of the second and third corridor routes of the bus-way was completed last year serving the route from Pulogadung to Kalideres. The bus-way covering the route from Blok M to Kota has been operational since January 2004.

Intercity Buses
Jakarta has three major bus stations, all a long the way from the city center.

  - Kalideres Busses to the West of Jakarta leave from the Kalideres Bus Station, about 15 km from Monas. Catch public buses here for Java’s west coat destinations, such as Serang, Labuhan and Merak.

  - Kampung Rambutan This terminal handles buses to the South and South-West areas of Jakarta. It designed to carry much of Jakarta’s inter-city bus traffic, but it mainly handles buses to West Java, including Bogor and Bandung.

 - Pulogadung This station has buses to Cirebon Central and East Java, Sumatera and Bali. It is about 12km to the east of thc Clty center. Most the air conditioned and deluxe buses operate from here, .and can be booked in advance through agents in town.

City Buses
In Jakarta, everything is at distance. It’s hot and humid, and hardly anybody walks you will need to use another type of transport to get from one place to another. Its buses however, crowded particularly during rush hours.

Around the town, there are many regular city buses charging a fixed fare Rp. 1,200. The express “Patas” buses charges Rp. 2,500 and the air-conditioned Patas buses cost Rp. 3,500; these are usually less crowded. These services supplemented with orange mini buses “Metro Mini” and, in a few areas by “Mikrolet” minibuses, which cost between Rp. 1,200 and Rp. 1,600.

The “Trans Jakarta” air-conditioned express buses are the best option for pleasant transport in Jakarta, especially from Blok M in south to Kota area in the north part of Jakarta. With special track along 19 km this distance reached by only 20 minutes. Charge Rp. 2,500 and it has 17 stopping spots.
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