Taxi in Jakarta

While most of the air-conditioned taxis in Jakarta are metered and will cost you Rp. 4,000 for the first km and Rp. 1,800 for each subsequent km, many taxi operators will try and do away with the meter if they see that you are a tourist.

Silver Bird Tel     :     62-21-7981001
Blue Bird     :     62-21-7941234,7981001

(Please do not take any of the cabs below unless you are a season traveler and know Jakarta very often. This is not a paid editorial by Silver Bird. They are the safest cabs in Jakarta)

Batavia     Tel:     62-21-73448409
Centris     Tel:    62-21-5268922
Dian Taxi Tel:    62-21-5807080,4250505
Express  Tel:     62-21-5609009,5709010
Gamya    Tel:    62-21-8403838,8403848
Kosti Jaya Tel:  62-21-7801333
Prestasi   Tel:  62-21-4754545
Ratax     Tel:     62-21-5302625
Royal City Tel: 62-21-8500888
Sri Medali Tel: 62-21-8005555
Steady Safe Tel:  62-21-3143333
Tiffani   Tel:     62-21-5854545

Note :
If you ever take cabs in Jakarta, please only take either the Silver bird or Blue Bird as these are the 2 safest taxi here. We strongly discourage you from taking any other cabs n matter how urgent it is. Both these operators will operate using their meter and the drivers name is at the dashboard. Make sure the meter operated.

It is also possible to rent Taxi by the hour, usually for a minimum of two hours, or for trips outside the city. Again the best thing to do is to ring Blue Bird at 7941234 or 7981001 or to arrange one at your hotel reception desk.