Scuba Diving in Jakarta

Indonesia is a global attraction to many, because of its incredible marine life. Jakarta is situated on the island of Java which means diving is an easy option, and this is a pretty incredible place to do so, having one of the richest and most diverse marine habitats on the planet.The ocean has over 500 different types of coral, sea horses, turtles and whale sharks – to name but a few creatures in this exotic underwater world.Dive centres and liveaboards are not hard to find in Jakarta; just head over to the north of the island.

During the months of June, July and August, following the monsoon, the reef fish are at their biggest and for many this is a popular time to dive.
Before you go diving in Jakarta or any other diving resort worldwide, you have to take and passa dive certification course. After passing it you will receive a certification card which has to beshown to a diving shop or company you plan to go diving with.
There are couple of certification agencies - PADI and CMAS. Apart from them you can pass a divecertification course with TDI, SSI, .
The dive shop or dive center in Jakarta that you get your training from must be affiliated withone of these agencies. The requirements for taking a scuba diving certification course in Jakarta .
You must be in good physical shape and feel comfortable in the water. You can visit your doctor fora health check if you have any doubts.
During the course you will have to be able to tread water or float for 10 minutes and swim 200yards. You can use any method to do that.

There are 4 segments in the course:
Pool work
Open water dives

The underwater world is the most elegant and untouched place. And there is nothing better you can do then going scuba diving and exploring one of the most mysterious part of Earth.
There are a lot of scuba diving centres in Jakarta for your enjoyment.